Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need tile levelers?

If you're laying tile, the chances are yes, you do! Tile levelers provide several benefits:

  • Eliminate tile lippage. Lippage is when the top of a tile's surface is either higher or lower than it's neighbouring tile. This is not only uncomfortable to walk on and potentially a tripping hazard in severe cases but it's also unsightly. The risk of lippage increases with the size of tiles, but can be an issue with any size tile.
  • Maintain consistant grout lines . The tile levelers found in our Easy Tile Leveling System physically tie tiles together allowing grout lines to be fine tuned and locked in place once at the desired spacing. This eliminates the risk of your tiles shifting as more tiles are added as the tile section effectively becomes one unit until the levellers are removed.
  • Provide support for tiled walls. Unlike floors where gravity works with you to help hold tiles in place, gravity works against you on walls. The tile levelers found in our Easy Tile Leveling System allow each title to provide support for it's neighboring tiles, preventing tiles from slipping, or worst case, falling off the wall before they set.

Why choose the Easy Tile Leveling System over other options?

The Easy Tile Leveling System is 100% reusable. Unlike other products, no part of the system is consumable which means once you have your kit, it can be used over and over. Most other products rely on disposable plastic tabs that remain stuck under the tile meaning you need to keep repurchasing supplies for every project. 

Additionally, some other product designs rely on plastic wedges to hold tiles in place. The friction created when the wedges are inserted often cause tiles to shift leading to even more headaches. The Easy Tile Leveling System tightens down on tiles from above avoiding this problem.

How does it work?

The Easy Tile Leveling System uses levelling posts to pull tile edges level with each other through a simple screw like mechanism. Not only does the leveling post force tile edges to be level to avoid lippage, they also hold tiles in place to ensure even grout spacing on your final project. To see more details of the Easy Tile Leveling System in action, check out the How It Works page.

Is it really reusable?

Yes! Unlike other tile leveling products ours has no consumables. Once you purchase the Easy Tile Leveling System, you'll have everything you need for all your future tiling projects. The leveling posts are made out of a durable polypropylene plastic with a stainless steel "T" which is inserted under the tiles to pull them level. If needed, Tile thinset can easily be washed off the leveling posts with water so they're ready for your next project

Won't the stainless steel "T"'s get stuck in the thinset?

No, when the stainless steel "T" is inserted it's rotated 90 degrees to engage with the underside of the tiles. This sweeping motion creates a small void which allows the "T" to be rotated 90 degrees in the opposite direction to be facilitate removal. It's recommended, but not required, that the levelling posts be removed after the thinset has time to set but hasn't fully cured (typically after 6 hours) to further ease removal.